Power generation welding charging permanent magnet DC arc welding multi purpose generator DC permanent magnet synchronous motor in Gasoline Generators from Home Improvement

Power generation welding charging permanent magnet DC arc welding multi purpose generator DC permanent magnet synchronous motor in Gasoline Generators from Home Improvement
Power generation welding charging permanent magnet DC arc welding multi purpose generator DC permanent magnet synchronous motor in Gasoline Generators from Home Improvement

Product Specification

Output Type: DC

Frequency: 50Hz

Rated Power: 15Kw

Rated Voltage: 220v

Rated Current: A

Model Number: YD-200

Speed: 3000rpm

is_customized: Yes


  This machine is widely used in welding operations in the field or in designated areas, power supply for mechanical equipment or power tools, lighting, battery charging or vehicle power supply.
   YD series permanent magnet DC arc welding power generation multi-purpose machine adopts the latest permanent magnet material - NdFeB (its molecular formula is Nd2Fe14B) as the excitation source, so the traditional electric excitation structure is removed, so that the machine has the following advantages: volume Small, light weight, large capacity and high efficiency. Because it has no brush, it is more convenient to use and maintain, which improves reliability and prolongs service life.
   This series of products can be selected from a variety of welding rods, welding output current is uniform, less welding slag, smooth and smooth welding surface. The welding effect is better than the AC arc welder.
   In the past, electric welding users also purchased electric welding machines when purchasing alternators. Because the ordinary electric welding itself has the disadvantages that copper and iron loss and eddy current are difficult to overcome, the welding effect is not ideal when the alternator is powered.
   In addition to overcoming the above shortcomings, this series of products has the advantages of economy, practicality and light weight. Buying a multi-purpose machine is quite a purchase of a generator, welder and battery charger.


Main function: This is a multi-purpose DC generator with electric welding function as the main function and other functions. The motor has three sets of output terminals: special terminal for electric welding, 12v DC output terminal and 220v DC output terminal, 220v can be used for hand drill, angle Mills and other exciting motors, but not more than 300w, 12v for battery charging, lighting, etc., the generator emits direct current, therefore, can not bring household appliances. The largest electrode for electric welding is 4mm, the best electrode is 2mm to 3.5mm, matching power: 2mm welding rod is recommended to be no less than 7 horsepower, 3mm welding rod is recommended to be no less than 12 horsepower, 4mm welding rod is recommended not Less than 15 horsepower. With self-supplied power, the welding rod and cable can be welded.


Product parameters:

Model: YD-200

Matching power: recommended ≮ 8HP

Motor category: permanent magnet brushless

Magnetic steel material: NdFeB (high temperature)

Welding power: ≤15Kw

Welding current: adjustment range 80~200A (can burn through 10mm steel plate at maximum current)

Suitable for welding rod: Φ2.0~4.0(mm)

Power generation voltage: DC 230V (for working power supply of handheld angle grinder and hand drill. Use within 300 watts)

Generator current: ≤8A (the total power of handheld angle grinder and hand drill is recommended not to exceed 300w)

Charging voltage: DC 14V (can also be used for lighting power supply of 12v DC bulb)

Charging current: ≤25A (equivalent to a 12V bulb with 300w)

Rated speed: 3000 rpm

Working style: continuous work

Insulation class: E

Drive wheel: two slots B type

Transmission wheel diameter: 85mm

Random: electric welding quick terminal × 2, power supply three plug * 1, fuse * 1, manual and certificate *1

Volume: length 310* width 175* height 240 (unit: mm)

Center Height: 90mm

Packing: wooden box

Gross weight: 15.5

Net weight: 12.7kg 



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